STC is the sole importer of LPG for Mauritius and Rodrigues. As STC has no storage facility, the product imported is stored in tanks of gas companies, namely, Vivo, Total and ESCOL (a consortium of Vivo and Total). The total storage capacity is around 4,500 tons, representing around 22 days of deliveries. There is no plan at this stage for the gas companies to construct additional tanks, while the existing tanks are getting older and are decommissioned quite often for maintenance works and repairs. In view of limited storage capacity and in order to ensure a comfortable stock of LPG at any point in time, STC has sought through a Request for Information launched on 27 April 2017, for international and local companies interested to construct storage of 5,000 tons on land that will be required in the vicinity of the port area. Eleven (11) promoters have shown interest in the project. STC is presently studying the proposals of each promoter.